Mary Church Terrell (1863-1954) was one of the many remarkable ladies of the late nineteenth and also early twentieth centuries. Active in both the civil civil liberties movement and the project for women"s suffrage, Terrell to be a top spokesperson for the national American mrs Suffrage Association, the an initial president that the national Association of colored Women, and also the very first black woman appointed come the ar of Columbia plank of Education and the American combination of college Women. She was likewise a charter member that the national Association for the advance of fancy People. In this autobiography, initially published in 1940, Terrell explains the crucial events and people in she life.Terrell started her career together a teacher, very first at Wilberforce College and then in ~ a high school in Washington, D.C., whereby she met her future husband, Robert Heberton Terrell. ~ marriage, the women"s suffrage movement attracted she interests and before long she ended up being a influential lecturer in ~ both national and international forums on women"s rights. A gifted speaker, she walk on to seek a career on the class circuit for close come thirty years, carrying addresses on the vital social problems of the day, including segregation, lynching, women"s rights, the progression of black women, and also various aspects of black history and culture. Her talents and many leadership positions lugged her right into close contact with influential black and white leaders, including Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Robert Ingersoll, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, mrs Addams, and also others. Through an introduction by Debra Newman Ham, professor of history at Morgan State University, this edition of mary Church Terrell"s autobiography will certainly be of attention to students and also scholars that both women"s studies and also African American history.

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Debra Newman Ham, former Archivist in ~ NARA and the editor that the original Black history Guide. Ham is at this time a professor of background at Morgan State University.

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Foreword, Debra Newman Ham development 1.My parental 2.Early Childhood 3.I am sent North to college 4.My parental Send Me to Oberlin, Ohio 5.I go into Oberlin college 6.Activities throughout College food 7.I go to Memphis, Teach Wilberforce and also Washington and Go abroad 8.I study in Germany 9.In Europe through Mother and Brother 10.I leave Berlin and also Go come Florence 11.I go back to the United states 12.With Frederick Douglass and also Paul Dunbar in ~ the World’s fair 13.Buying a house Under obstacles 14.Learning to Cook and Entertaining guests 15.The Commissioners the the National capital Appoint Me a Member that the school Board 16.The national American woman Suffrage association Invites Me come Speak 17.Club occupational 18.On the Lecture platform 19.Notable great Engagements 20.Prince Henry that Prussia, Dr. Brooker T. Washington 21.In Berlin, Germany 22.Distinguished civilization I Met overseas 23.My efforts to Succeed as a Writer 24.My Children and I 25.My endure as a clerk in a federal government Department 26.Efforts in Senate to prevent Judge Terrell’s confirmation 27.The Secretary of battle Suspends bespeak Dismissing fancy Soldiers in ~ My request 28.Harriet Beecher Stowe Centenary and also My Sally right into Spiritualism 29.Trying to acquire a colored Girl right into an Academy in the north 30.Traveling Under obstacles 31.Political Activities—Charged with Disorderly command 32.Work in war Camp Community organization 33.Delegate to the worldwide Peace conference 34.Meeting Old Friends and also New—Plus a dose of race Prejudice Administered by mine Countrymen 35.A Week-end Visit through Mr. And also Mrs. H. G.Wells—I fulfill Other Distinguished civilization in England 36.Employed by Ruth Hanna McCormick to assist in Her campaign for the United states Senate. Abroad with My Daughter 37.A few Cases of Friction 38.Crossing the shade Line 39.The fancy Man’s paradise 40.Social activities 41.I resolve the global Assembly that the world Fellowship the Faiths in London and also Meet Haile Selassie 42.Carrying top top Index

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A rich life, complete of i can not forget moments, this memoir reflects on the lengthy life of mar Church Terrell, an accomplished educator and also activist that witnessed the momentous occasions of the nineteenth and also twentieth centuries. As the an initial president the the national Association of colored Women, Terrell’s voice carried far-reaching weight. This book offers a down-to-earth account of her lengthy life in the united States throughout periods of significant political struggles and also social transformations, including arenas such together formal education, European society in the 1890s, and also American race politics. Terrell’s views and also statements yield original principles on women’s suffrage and also civil rights, accessibility to education, and also struggles for black color emancipation. This is a vital and essential text to enhance our broadening recovery and also understanding that the role of crucial black women leaders and the activities of which they to be a part.

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An at an early stage voice in black color feminism, mar Church Terrell penned, “A white woman has only one handicap come overcome—that the sex. Ns belong come the only team in this country which has actually two such large obstacles come surmount.” In one autobiography the is additionally the story that the still-unrealized promises of Emancipation, she records her mobilization that an elite education and also upbringing to face handicaps applied on what members of she race might achieve. Undertaken with historical Black figures and organizations, this struggles—for financial opportunities, the vote, desegregated facilities, and also a fairer criminal justice system—continue.