A Catuar Needle place in Final Fantasy XV

Cid’s Final Fantasy XV A Better Auto Crossbow side-quest have the right to be started the moment you discover the Auto Crossbow inside Keycatrich Trench, the first dungeon you discover in Leide location.

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If you follow the game’s story, you will certainly arrive at Keycatrich Trench throughout Chapter 2, and inevitably you will need to completely check out the dungeon while playing The Power of Kings main-search.

Inside the dungeon Noctis deserve to uncover the Auto Crossbow, an item that Cid have the right to upgrade if you lug him a Cactuar Needle.

Once you leave Keycatwell-off Trench, go ago to Hammerhead and display Cid the Auto Crossbow, to start the quest and also receive your initially objective.

Objective: Find a Cactuar Needle for Cid

While A Better Auto Crossbow is a quest that have the right to be began at an early stage in the game, you will only be able to finish it later bereason in FFXV the Cactuar Needle is a rare treasure.

Tbelow are 2 means to uncover a Cactuar Needle in Final Fantasy XV. The first one calls for you to recognize the location wbelow the Cactuar spawns; however, given that this monster is rare and also you need to kill it in order to retrieve the treacertain, in our walkvia for A Better Auto Crossbow we will technique the second method, revealing the specific area of the material compelled by Cid.

Keep in mind though that this item can be uncovered in Cleigne, which can be a limited location for you, early in the game.

To unlock it, play additional story pursuits and also the minute you see the Imperial blockades rerelocated, open your map.

Very cshed to Vesperpool, you must watch a parking spot. If you look southern west from it, tright here are two treacertain spots, among them being very cshed to the highway and also a serpentine curve.

Go roughly the highway’s fence and also look for the treasure on peak of a large rock as you deserve to view in the photo over. Open it and also pick up Cactuar Needle x 1.

Objective: Give the Cactuar Needle to Cid

The moment you have the item, return to Cid in Hammerhead. Give him the Cactuar Needle and also the crossbow, and if he’s not functioning on various other upgrades for you, he will instantly begin working on this upgrade.

To pass the time and finish A Better Auto Crossbow side search faster, emphasis on finishing two hunts or 2 side-searches, then rest.

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In the morning, you will get a phone call from Cid informing you that the Auto Crossbow Plus is all set for pick up.

A Better Auto Crossbow Quest Info

Description: “A grasp mechanic, Cid can modify mechanized tools to unleash their complete potential. If Noctis deserve to acquire a cactuar needle, Cid will certainly upgrade the Auto Crossbow – yet he might take a while.”