Trust Science, not Rice, To conserve Your Wet Phone

If you dropped your phone or electronic an equipment in water, don’t panic and don’t placed it in rice.’s safe, noninvasive water-removal systems will dry her phone in as small as 30 minutes. If us can’t conserve your phone, you salary nothing.

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Risk-free relief is together close as your nearest participating Staples.

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Thank friend! In a middle-school mishap, mine daughter’s phone was brought ago to life! It to be dropped in a toilet, and they to be able to conserve the phone and all that info! So, so grateful! - Sara

I threw my phone in the washing device (and ran that a complete cycle). Once I took it out, ns knew I had to do something prior to it died, so ns took it come They to be really an excellent and started working on my phone best away. Mine phone is working fine now, and also I to be so glad they saved my brand brand-new iPhone X. Thanks so much! - Sherry

Fantastic service! has actually now rescued two drowned iPhones because that my family. ~, the phone is as great as new, through no ns of data. A miracle! - Sandie

Somehow mine daughter and also I have regulated to dump our phones into the water (tub, toilet, creek... You surname it!) so plenty of times i can’t also remember. has constantly come v to reclaim our phones to full functionality. When my daughter didn’t even tell me because that a week and she tried to turn it on, and when she ultimately fessed up, was still able to obtain it functioning for her again! is a LIFESAVER! - Renee

I to be so grateful for! as soon as my iphone phone slipped into the sink and also got wet and also damaged, I automatically drove come Staples to see if might help. Not just did solve my phone and also ALL my an useful information, but it didn’t cost a lot and was all set in less than one hour. I don’t know about you, however not being v my phone is torture, so having actually it earlier in less than one hour was priceless. - Katie

This is a great company. They will certainly rescue her wet machine quickly and also efficiently. They room wonderful people who really care around what lock do and care for the people they serve. Ns strongly recommend this firm and the solutions they provide. - Celeste

I unfortunately had to rescue my son’s brand-new iphone 7 a couple of mainly ago. He’s a lifeguard and also is about the swimming pool constantly, and also his phone go swimming through him. Ns knew of from a friend who saw that on TV. They to be fast and super pretty to occupational with! They totally saved me! - Clare assisted me the end after i dropped mine phone in the toilet. My phone has every one of my picture in it and they median the people to me. They to be so reassuring and calm. We went because that a fast bite, and also when us returned, the call was great as new. My family was very happy, and also thanks come our ar Chris informing us about, we now recognize where come go when this happens again. I can’t imagine trying come buy a brand-new phone; like many people, we are on a strictly budget. Say thanks to you, say thanks to you. - Liz

We love!!! I have actually sent so many friends to them, too! Every single one had their phone, tablet, etc. Saved!! One also put her phone v a complete wash cycle! We additionally love their community-first perspective – as soon as the floods hit Texas, lock drove down with their significant equipment and also gave people ago what for plenty of was your only kind of communication. ❤️ What an exceptional product, service and company! - Ellis

Excellent service! after ~ dropping my phone in the toilet and also thinking everything would be lost forever, I made decision to offer a shot and couldn’t be happier!! In 30 minutes my phone and everything else within it was earlier to life and also working perfectly! Forget the rice and send her phone to them! Satisfaction guaranteed! - Vanessa

Sometimes carriers are defined only by their products and services. This firm is defined by lot more. A heart of maniacal excellence, optimized processes and passionate characters to delight clients while supporting communities. It’s really rare to uncover these every in one. Save up the great work! - Ron

Thank you so much! after ~ accidentally watering my phone together with my flowers, was able to rescue my phone. The entire process was seamless, and also Mirela to be an absolute joy to work with. Ns can’t speak enough good things around my experience. - Jami

What an tremendous service. Got my phone wet while paris fishing – wouldn’t revolve on in ~ all. restored my phone call to full working condition and I haven’t had actually a difficulty with my phone since! I work-related in genuine estate, so recovering mine pics and also text messages was a lifesaver! - Ken

My boy took his iPad in the shower to hear to music...well, us all recognize what happens next. saved it six months earlier and the still works great. Thank you,! - Rob conserved two of ours iPhones. They worked perfectly and also the price was reasonable. Simply turn off your phone and also take it to Staples. - Tamarrah

Super people, supervisor service! They regulated to conserve my sister-in-law’s DSLR after ~ she dropped it in the river! can’t beat that! - Jason conserved my sopping wet, completely submerged iphone as conveniently as a short drive to my nearest Staples store, and around 20 minutes of wait for it come process! ideal yet, they told me the if it didn’t work, the wouldn’t expense me a dime. It DID work, though! This innovative service is important miraculous, and also I simply wish more people knew around it. Don’t placed your call (or camera, or electronic crucial fob or whatever!) in a bag the rice. The won’t work, however go work! - Jessica rescued my Mac, which had been wet because that a couple of days. The different would have actually been around $800 for a gut job at the to apologize Store. - Jack

Love! They conserved my phone as soon as I assumed that it to be lost! ns would’ve lost all baby photos and also videos, however thanks come every was saved! On optimal of the it was AFFORDABLE! No gimmicks! absolutely promote this company over all because we’re in a generation of electronics and crashes happen! - Clarence

We took a phone that had actually been to reduce in a bathtub for less than a few seconds to them. The phone was not working properly when we took it come them. They to be able to conserve it, and also we were an extremely happy through their service. Terrific service! say thanks to you! - Glenna

Amazing service! mine iPad went with the wash cycle. I believed it was ruined until involved the rescue. After using services, the is currently working perfectly. This service is incredible, and I highly recommend it to anyone who may have an iPhone/iPad mishap prefer me. - Erin

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Dropped mine phone in a sink full of water. It was glitching out and also I might barely obtain it turned off. Raced come Staples and used, and my call is 100% back to normal an hour later. Great product/service. - Caitlin

Helpful tips For conserving A Wet Phone

Without her phone, you’re lacking out on connections, invitations, phone calls and also text messages. Trying to dry your phone in a bowl of rice no work. And using a hair dryer will just warp her device’s interior equipment, causing even much more damage.