Be who you are and also say what you feel due to the fact that those that mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind

You most likely recognize this quote indigenous Dr. Suess. Saying no come marijuana deserve to be hard, especially when among your friends provides it.

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Maybe you’ve never ever tried weed, and also you’re curious. Probably you’ve acting or inhaled it once, and you think making use of it occasionally isn’t a big deal. Maybe you feeling pressured and also just desire to to speak yes to protect against a conflict.

None of this are great reasons come say yes to marijuana.

You can and also should speak no, and also you could be surprised to learn exactly how easy that is with practice. However how carry out you to speak no the first time?

Be Direct

Sometimes saying, “No thanks,” is all that is needed. Be firm as soon as you say it, and if you’re pressured further, repeat her response.

Give a Reason

If you pick the direct strategy but still feel nervous, earlier up “no thanks” v a reason. You can say, “No thanks. I have a game later,” or, “No thanks, I need to be up early on in the morning.”

Don’t be afraid to cite a negative experience you’ve had. You might say, “No thanks. Ns got captured last time,” or, “No thanks. Ns didn’t like what that did to me critical time.”

Turn it Around

Peer push is rough. As soon as someone pushes you come smoke weed, turn the pressure earlier on them. You might ask them, “What execute you care if I do or don’t smoke?”

Remember, it’s your choice to accept or decline marijuana. All you require is confidence in her decision and also your response.

State the Obvious and Walk Away

People don’t choose being called out. When someone pressures you to do marijuana, state the obvious. You can say miscellaneous like, “Wow! The peer press in this room is strong.” Then, walk away.

Change the Subject

Sometimes you can adjust the direction that the whole situation. Once someone uses marijuana, you deserve to say, “No thanks. Carry out you want to _______?”

You’d be surprised how regularly those in the room will follow her lead. You never ever know just how many world are feeling simply as pressured together you. If you take it a stand and readjust the direction that the situation, you may be helping much more than simply yourself!

Be Proactive

Who smokes weed? that is most likely to sell it to you? Where are you most likely to run right into the peer press to usage marijuana?

You can be proactive through anticipating who, when, and also where. Then, act to avoid these cases by leaving prior to they to happen or by staying away completely.

50 Cool methods to say No come Weed

Saying no isn’t always thought of as the cool point to do, however it is. The cool to safeguard your health, and it’s even cooler to prevent addiction and also trouble v the law.

You have the right to learn 50 cool and awesome methods to say no to marijuana in ~ And if you require help, talk to one adult.

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