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For nearly 30 years, has listed our members with access to the care they need.

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We market four-star-rated Medicare benefit plans. Our Medicare advantage plans were rated 4 the end of 5 stars in 2021.

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Open Enrollment (for individual & Family) runs v December 31, 2021.

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With our Virtual community Office, your neighborhood representative is just one click away

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Individual & Family

We"re happy to carry out you and your family with the benefits and also services you require for a shining future.

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Medicare & regulated Long ax Care

Our Medicare advantage plans offer the benefits of original Medicare add to more, providing you functional coverage, extra services, and peace that mind.

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Small business is proud to offer small business health plans come fit every one of your employees" needs.

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Proudly serving members for nearly 30 years.

Our distinctive hospital-sponsored version ensures we provide accessibility to superior treatment for 1.6 million new Yorkers.

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We strive to create an environment where every employee receives the tools and support come excel, grow, and also achieve. View if has actually a career chance for you.

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Press Release is Making obtainable a Special offer to assist Members Stay linked to their Healthcare

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I’m confident through my plan. I many appreciate that all my doctors take, and also the pharmacy around the edge from mine house also takes

- Maria G., Bronx is a an excellent plan that prioritizes the member’s wellness needs. They have a large network of an excellent doctors that care around their patients.

- Gilberto B., Manhattan

I’ve recommended the my family members join due to the fact that it’s good insurance.

- Francisco G., Manhattan

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Expanding cycle Share accessibility to an ext New Yorkers

The reduced Fare cycle Share regimen presented through provides brand-new York City real estate Authority (NYCHA) residents and Supplemental Nutrition assistance Program (SNAP) recipients accessibility to $5 monthly memberships with no yearly commitment required.

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