The adhering to is a list of typical post-surgical experiences and vital health considerations that might be a reason of concern.


Typical symptom of breast surgery; and signs to clock for adhering to breast augmentation surgery incorporate the following:

Tightness in the chest an ar and stiffness; Tingling, burning or intermittent shoot pain:

These room normal experiences together the skin, tissues and also sensory nerves heal. Ache medication and muscle relaxants will help you deal with with any type of discomfort. If you have actually drains, you might experience added localized discomfort. Regular sharp pain must be reported to our office immediately.

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Hypersensitivity that nipples, or absence of sensitivity:

This is normal and will slowly resolve over time. You may also experience a tiny amount of fluid or milk seeping through the nipples. If this i do not care painful or excessive, notify our office immediately.

A feeling of heaviness:

it is typical for her chest come feel heavy as you change to your implants. This will certainly subside within 2-4 weeks adhering to surgery.

Shiny skin or any type of itchy feeling:

Swelling can cause the breast’s skin to show up shiny. Together the healing procedure advances, girlfriend may also find a gentle to severe itchy feeling of the breasts. One antihistamine favor Benadryl can aid to mitigate severe, continuous itchiness. If the skin becomes red and hot to the touch, call our office immediately.

Asymmetry, the breasts look at different, or cure differently:

Breasts might look or feeling quite different from one one more in the days complying with surgery. This is normal; no 2 breasts are perfectly symmetrical in nature or adhering to surgery.

A sloshing sound or sensation:

This is not the result of her implant, however rather of air the is trapped in the implant pocket and fluid that might naturally accumulate. This is perfectly normal and also will resolve within 2-4 weeks.

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To alleviate any kind of discomfort, and also to minimize swelling, friend may use cool, not cold compresses to the cure region

Crushed ice cream or ice cream packs must be covering in a towel before being used to the skin. Perform not use ice or noþeles frozen straight to the skin. Use cool compresses, for no longer than 20-minute intervals. Be careful not to loss asleep v the cool compresses.

You will just be released to the treatment of a responsible adult. All of these instructions need to be clean to the adult that will monitor her health and also support you, roughly the clock in the very first 24 hrs after her plastic surgery.


This is really important. Smoking, vaping, or other creates of nicotine intake will disrupt wound healing. Execute not consume any type of nicotine or alcohol for at the very least 3 weeks after ~ surgery.


perform not touch your incisions. In particular, carry out not eliminate the steri-strips or surgical tape that we put over your stitches. Her incisions may seep fluid and also some blood because that a brief time after ~ surgery, but this is normal. Wear your bra around the clock. You may take off the surgical bra 48 hours after surgery in order to shower, yet continue put on one later on until us tell you come stop. After ~ 1 week, you may sleep there is no the bra; however, a camisole with integrated shelf support have the right to be comfortable and also provides included support together you proceed to heal. No under wires because that 6 weeks. You have the right to replace the bra provided at the moment of surgery and buy her own. However, please make sure it walk not have under wires.


You might shower 48 hours after surgery. Take it a warm, however not hot shower. Carry out not take a bath. Limit her shower come 10 minutes. Do not eliminate the steri-strips/surgical tape that we placed over your stitches. ~ the shower, you can pat dry v a towel or air-dry, however do not rub her breasts or touch the incisions. Girlfriend can apply a fragrance-free moisturizer to breast and surrounding skin, but not ~ above the incisions. You can also use deodorant.

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You may sleep flat. However, carry out not sleep on your stomach. If you are a side sleeper, a soft pillow under her mid-back and shoulders may be more comfortable than a single pillow under your head. In the an initial week after surgery, make sure to undertake your support bra while sleeping.


Rest, yet not bed rest: While remainder is important in the early stages that healing, equally essential is the you are ambulatory, meaning that you are walking under your very own strength. We encourage you to drink lots of water, since you will do enough walking by simply going come the bathroom number of times a day. It is crucial to to walk every day, because it avoids blood clots from forming.

Do not communicate in any stressful activities. Do not resume any type of exercise various other than consistent walking. Do not lift her hands over your head. Carry out not lift something heavier 보다 a paperback book. Take treatment of no one, and let others often tend to you.

Ease into your daily activities. Girlfriend will get clearance to start driving or return to job-related at your first post-operative office visit.


Fluids are an essential following surgery. Stick come non-carbonated, non-alcoholic, caffeine-free, and green tea-free beverages, such as fruit juices, water, milk, and yogurt drinks. You have to consume at the very least 8 ounces of fluid every 2 hours. Stick with soft, bland, and nutritious food for the an initial 24 hours.

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The office will call you come schedule your post-operative office visit, which must take place about 1 week after surgery.