Hey girls, simply thought it"d be great to have a resource here the success story of bfps, and what civilization did or didn"t carry out in the month they got them, in addition to any symptoms because that the month. I recognize i couldn"t get sufficient of this type of thread as soon as trying come symptom clues myself! 

So i"ll go first, acquired my an initial bfp this month, 2nd month TTC. I"m 30, mine husband is 31.

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I took pregnacare conception every day and also evening primrose oil up until ovulation. I also cut down on caffeine in a major way, walking from around 7 mugs that tea come 2! Switched come decaf to consist of the difference!

Day 1-10 AF was way heavier and much more painful 보다 usual in ~ the start of this cycle, had actually had 2 weird cycles of lightish AF however thought maybe the pregnacare conception had done an excellent things for structure up the lining of mine uterus. Had actually to dose myself through neurofen add to for 2 days. Temps were almost everywhere the place (1st month temping) until approximately day 10, varying from 35.4 come 36.5. DTD CD5 and also 8.

Day 10. EWCM DTD, neg opk

Day 11 EWCM neg opk

Day 12 EWCM DTD neg opk Preseed

Day 13 EWCM DTD pos opk Preseed

Day 14 EWCM DTD pos opk. FF sets day 14 together OV day follow to temps. Preseed

1DPO Pineapple. Heatpack ~ above tummy. Brazil nuts

2DPO Pineapple. Lively dreams, emotional. Heatpack top top tummy, brazil nuts

3DPO Pineapple. Lively dreams, emotional, uterine twinges.Brazil nuts

4DPO together above

5DPO together above, creamy CM. Twinges in both sides

6DPO night sweats, creamy CM

7DPO creamy CM. Belching (unusual because that me). Heartburn (1st time ever!) Temp tho high

8DPO as above. Mild cramps/pressure. Negative sleep

10DPO BFN! bad sleep

11DPO BFP!!! very really faint line on internet cheapie, which i noticed method after the time window. Cramps/gassy. Poor sleep.

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12DPO BFP again, contempt stronger

13DPO BFP on first response, definitely preggers! 

 major indigestion pains, from trapped wind ns think (didn"t realise at the time). Doubled end in agony.


Since bfp i"ve continued to endure with indigestion pains, having actually never had this difficulty before. To be awake in the night with pains indigenous trapped wind, and during the work is as bad. Haven"t controlled to sleep every night since! sensitive nipples yet breasts aren"t tender. 5weeks pregnant today and have heartburn all day.