Blood pressure 118/85 - what does it mean?

Your blood press reading that 118/85 shows a High Normal blood pressure and also is also classified together Prehypertension.

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In most instances a high typical blood push is still considered normal. However, under some scenarios or with pre-existing conditions or illness the high regular blood pressure deserve to be a problem.

By the way: your systolic worth of 118 mmHg is better than your diastolic value and also would classify together Ideal. However if friend are obtaining two different varieties of classification for your blood push it is exactly to choose the one the is taken into consideration worse.


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What you must know about a blood press of 118/85

Your blood push of 118/85 is currently elevated. If her blood pressure is in the range of 130-139 / 85-89 it is considere to be high normal. If you do not have symptoms such together chest pain, nausea, dizziness or headaches, there is no reason to worry around this rating.

What if i continuously have high blood pressure?

If you have a high blood press reading, you need to consult through your physician to set up a series of blood press screenings come assess any long-term trends. If your physician regularly checks her blood pressure after an initial reading and it remains high over time, an ext than most likely you will be placed on medicine to assist lower your blood pressure. Also, your medical professional will additionally assess other contributing lifestyle factors and make a series of referrals to aid you reduced your blood pressure.

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What room some lifestyle components that I can control

Those with normal high blood pressure, or pre-hypertension, must seriously look at the following lifestyle components that can be regulated in order to minimize one"s risk for the breakthrough of stage one and also stage two hypertension. This lifestyle determinants include:

Sleep - acquire at least eight hrs of sleep a nightStress - Control tasks and or events in life that add to stress

High blood pressure deserve to be controlled and eliminated all together. All it takes is being aware of one"s lifestyle and also regularly consulting v a physician.