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Ideally, we must all effort to have a blood pressure listed below 120/80mmHg. However, most civilization have blood push readings in the selection of 120/80mmHg or 140/90mmHg.

What is blood pressure anyway?

Pressure is just the quantity of physical force exerted on one object. In this case, blood pressure refers come the force exerted through blood pushing against the walls of blood vessels.

When blood pressure is as well high, a person’s arteries are subjected to a constant strain that, in time, have the right to lead to life-threatening cardiovascular disease.

What do the readings that blood pressure mean?

Blood press is measure in ‘millimeters that mercury’ (mmHg) and also is read for 2 values. Because that instance, the optimal blood push is 120 over 80 or 120/80mmHg.

The first value represents the systolic blood pressure, which is the highest possible pressure that the blood reaches once the heartbeats.

The second value is the diastolic blood pressure, which synchronizes to the lowest level the blood press that occurs when the heart’s muscles relax in between beats.


Measuring your blood press with a blood push monitor is important due to the fact that having a high analysis (hypertension) is not something girlfriend can notification or feel.

However, if blood push is measured just once and found to it is in high, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s constantly too high.In bespeak to obtain a trusted reading,blood pressure needs to be measured on several different days while you are resting.

Signs and symptoms of high blood pressure

Usually, people cannot tell they have actually high blood pressure unless they have actually it measured. Anything above 140/90 is thought about high blood pressure. However, occasionally human being with high blood press report regular headaches.

It’s necessary to note that her blood pressure will vary significantly and also a single high blood pressure reading isn’t necessarily a reason for concern. If the analysis is over this threshold ~ weeks of consistent measurement, then you can safely presume that you may undoubtedly suffer indigenous hypertension.

Why blood press is so necessary to wellness

Although a blood press of 140 over 90 is taken into consideration normal, everyone must strive to lower it even further in order to stave off heart disease and strokes.

For instance, someone through a blood press reading the 135/85 is double as most likely to have actually a heart strike or stroke together someone through a reading of 115/75

An optimal blood press is paramount to the structure integrity of your arteries. Imagine a copper pipe in a water supply device — after plenty of years, it will certainly corrode and type micro-wears from all the friction between the water flow and also the pipe’s walls. Eventually, it will certainly break, however its operation life can be expanded if the water press doesn’t overcome a an important threshold.

While this analogy isn’t perfect (arteries don’t corrode and some damages can be healed), your arteries will normally weaken with age after plenty of liters the blood flowing through them.

High blood pressure increases the danger of having actually a heart attack, i m sorry can reason heart failure. However, negative health outcomes extend beyond the cardiovascular system.

Why her blood press is also high

There space a variety of reasons why a human may endure from hypertension.

As we age, blood pressure typically increases because of the wear and tear built up by blood vessels over the years. Over there are additionally genetic determinants that may influence blood pressure. Because that instance, African-Caribbean and also South Asia areas tend come be in ~ a higher risk of high blood pressure. High blood pressure can also run in the family.

All various other things being equal, high blood push is generally the result of lifestyle choices, an especially diet. Too much salt, not enough fruits and also vegetables, and also drinking too lot alcohol can increase blood pressure. Being overweight and also not exercising can likewise substantially boost the threat of hypertension.

Blood press chart

If friend made it this much then you now know just how to properly read your blood pressure however perhaps you’re not completely sure how to analyze the measurement. The chart below is a great place to start, as it shows the varieties of high, low, and normal blood push readings.


You may have actually noticed that only among the two values requirements to be greater or reduced to count together either high blood pressure or low blood pressure. Because that instance, if your top number (systolic blood pressure) is greater than 140, climate you have high blood press regardless of your bottom worth (diastolic blood pressure). Likewise, if your bottom number is greater than 90, climate you have high blood push regardless that the height number’s reading.

What constitutes high blood press by age?

It’s regular for her blood press to boost as friend age. The table listed below should provide you a stormy estimate the what healthy levels need to look like.

1 – 280/34 – 120/7583/38 – 117/76
Ideal blood pressure by age.

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Can her blood pressure ever be as well low?

Low blood pressure, likewise known together hypotension, is normally anything listed below 90/60 mmHg. If any type of of the 2 values is lower than 90 or 60 for systolic and also distolic blood pressure, respectively, this counts as having low blood pressure.

Generally, this is a an excellent thing, since it way that the risk of a punch or heart condition is minimal. Most human being with hypotension do not need treatment.

There might be instances when a person’s blood push is short temporarily because of medication. And, sometimes, civilization can have actually low blood press naturally yet this is no factor for concern in and of itself — although, in part instances, low blood pressure has actually been connected with depression.

However, if a patient feels bright or choose fainting and also blood push is low, a doctor’s appointment is warranted.

How to lower your blood pressure

You could be worried by your high blood pressure, yet the good news is that it have the right to be lower to optimal levels v some ideal foresight.

Although medication may be prescribed through a medical professional in order to lower blood pressure, the safest course of activity is to make sturdy lifestyle changes.

Diet is extremely important in this context. Very first and foremost, patients enduring from hypertension should be responsibility of your salt intake. In fact, you may want to reduced it out completely out of your diet. Just remember that many of the salt you eat is actually discovered in commodities that are already prepared, such together breakfast cereals, ready-made meals, and bread. Be sure to examine the nutritional facts brand on the assets you pick from the supermarket.

Eating more fruits and vegetables can also assist to reduced blood pressure. A healthy and balanced amount is 5 portions the fruit and vegetables every day, whereby a section weighs approximately 80 grams. Watch out for added salts once buying frozen or tinned fruits and vegetables from your regional supermarket.

A healthy and balanced diet will also help you come mitigate an additional important risk variable for hypertension: being overweight. Exercising and also a low-calorie diet can aid you mitigate your load to much more healthy level — her blood press drops in addition to those extra pounds. Additionally, doing cardio also keeps the heart healthy.

Finally, be responsibility of your alcohol intake. Both men and also women must limit your alcohol consumption to 14 units per week, where a unit is equivalent to a tiny glass of wine or half a pint that beer.