Q. I"m 5 feet 3 inches and also 33 year old. My medical professional told me that my blood push is 110/78. This yes, really bothers me due to the fact that it has always been normal. Is short blood push dangerous? must I worry? What reasons low blood pressure? will it obtain lower? What space the symptom I have to look because that if it it s okay lower? How deserve to I obtain it earlier to normal?

A. At 110/78, your blood pressure is fine. And also getting earlier to common is not in the finest interests of her health. Because that most civilization in this country with ours diet and also lifestyle, normal systolic (the first/higher number) blood pressure is around 120 mm Hg. Yet many people, and also the average human in some cultures, have blood pressures much less than 110, or even 100, without any an adverse consequences.

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So girlfriend are definitely in a an excellent range, which is most likely even far better than normal. In fact, if you"ve freshly started exercising, watching her diet (especially lower salt intake) and also controlling her weight, girlfriend may have actually lowered her blood press by doing just the appropriate things.

There are cases when blood pressure falls so low that blood flow to the mind is lowered sufficient to cause fainting and also even shock. This deserve to be caused by plenty of things, including heart problems and reactions to drugs--legal and illegal. Yet these conditions are normally temporary and also the blood press returns come normal when the cause is removed.

Blood pressures listed below 100 and even in ~ 110 can mean something is wrong, especially in an larger people, if the pressure has actually suddenly dropped from a much greater number. But if reduced blood pressures have been present for a while and also the person has no symptom such as dizziness and also cold, clammy hands and feet, that"s a authorize of good health, not disease.

Update on stroke prevention: Stroke is just one of the leading reasons of death. However for plenty of people, the worst tragedy of punch is the terrible toll it can have on a person"s life.

Although therapy of a single stroke, if caught early enough, has actually improved rather over the critical 10 years, generally it take away its organic course. Rehabilitation after a stroke also has watched gains recently, however the lengthy painstaking rehabilitation usually results in only partial return that function.

So avoidance of stroke bring away on even much more importance. We know that far better control that high blood pressure, diabetes and a heart problem called atrial fibrillation decreases the risk of stroke.

It also has been displayed that not smoking cigarettes and also eating more fruits and also vegetables will help. And also until freshly it was generally thought that, prefer for heart disease, reduced fat in the diet would assist prevent strokes.

A report, however, newly published in the newspaper of the American medical Association turns this general wisdom upside down. It shows the reverse--decreased fat in the diet the men rises the threat of stroke.

The examine reported that world who ate about 20 percent less fat than average had two to three times the danger of stroke. Yet those that ate an ext than the mean amount the fat were not far better off than those that ate the typical amount (40 percent of total calories native fat).

This latter fact is important since we all know the negative effect of too lot fat in the diet ~ above health troubles such together heart condition and obesity.

The researchers additionally suggest particular fats in the diet space responsible for the avoidance of strokes. Two discussed are palmitoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acids. Understanding whether this or various other fats room the key dietary factors will have to await additional research.

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